The Full Moon Saloon Band

Carter Conrad

Carter Conrad hails from nearby Scottsville, where he has lived all his life, except for a four-year hiatus at Virginia Tech. Carter claims to have to have been infected by the music bug at an early age, after being exposed to swing music at his grandparent’s dance hall in the mid 1950’s. He manipulated his grandma into him giving him piano lessons starting at age five, and over the years added to the clarinet in the school band, then the guitar, and finally the bass. After an extended break mandated by career and family, he succumbed to the musical itch once again and resumed playing in a band in 1991. He has continued ever since in spite of a liver transplant and generally being “older-than-dirt.” Carter is currently a member of three active area bands and vows to keep going “as long as I can crawl up on that bloody stage.”